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More Evidence That Parents' Ages Could Influence Autism Risk
Below is a link to an article from National Public Radio discussing the risk factor of parental age and Autism.  Several studies indicate that parental age is a risk factor for whether a child will developautism spectrum disorder.  The  largest study on parental agein autism to date confirms that kids born to older moms and dads do have higher rates of autism. Researchers have also found that teenage mothers are also at risk, along with parents who have a large gap between their ages


Differences Matter
Autism symptoms often differ for girls
Below is a link to an article published by Dr. Thomas Frazier, from the Cleveland Clinic.  According to Dr. Frazier “Autism affects females, too. It just affects them differently. In some cases, symptoms are more severe, while in others, they’re less obvious.”

According to recent information from the Center for Disease Control one in 50 American Children have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This information is based on numbers printed in a National Survey of Children’s health which surveyed parents of children between ages of 6 and 17. The information reflected in this report does not include the many adults who are currently living on the spectrum. Blanchard Valley Center in an effort to increase opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to learn, live, work and play in our community recognizes that families in Hancock County need a place to go for accurate information on ASD. Knowing that helping families who have a loved one on the spectrum and the professionals who support them will take an entire community, Blanchard Valley Center has developed this web site.  

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