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Hancock County Autism
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Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Because ASD is a spectrum disorder your child’s behavior and characteristics  will be different from younger children. Your middle school age child’s behavior might have improved.  This does not mean your child does not have ASD.   Symptoms will change but they will always be in the same skill area.  You may also begin to see bigger gaps in social skills. The beginning of puberty will bring challenges for all children.  Individuals with ASD have their own special challenges to puberty plus the usual challenges. Some individuals with ASD can also have a puberty onset of seizures during this time.  Parents should keep doctors updated on behavior and medical concerns.
Teenage years present their own unique challenges for all individuals. This is especially true for individuals with ASD. This time in life is where gaps in social communication skills may become more obvious. Dating and friendship challenges will need to be taught to individuals. This would also include how to be in the community and stay safe. Many individuals with ASD can also have a puberty onset of seizures. During the transition years (14-21 years old) many families have questions and concerns. Transitioning from school age services which are mandate into adult services which are based on eligibility can be a confusing process. Often families need to learn new vocabulary and new agencies.

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