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While children are being diagnosed with autism in greater numbers, it is often difficult to get a diagnosis of ASD as you get older. Often undiagnosed adults have a milder form of autism and the symptoms are more subtle. Often we hear the words, odd, quirky or eccentric describing these individuals. Many times these adults are seeking supports for their children or other mental health conditions. The mental health provider or doctor recommends the parents investigate a diagnosis for themselves.
Getting a diagnosis as an adult is a personal choice. Having ASD is not life threatening so getting a diagnosis should include a discussion about the pros and cons. Educate yourself, research; talk with your physician, family and circle of friends. Many adults self -diagnosis and are happy with this self-diagnosis and choose not to explore a formal diagnosis. Other adults may wish to explore a more formal diagnosis. The following video is a man who was diagnosed when he was an adult and he tells his story. About why you should explore getting a diagnosis.


The following link will take you to an online community for person and families living on the spectrum.
Here there is a discussion from other people on the spectrum discussing pros and cons of an adult diagnosis.



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